Winter Sports

        Fans of any sport on snow or ice will not want to miss out on the Winter Olympics. Held every four years, the world’s best athletes descend on the host city to compete in a diverse range of events that include ski jumping, slalom, ice hockey, bobsleigh, curling and many more. Winter Sports markets always attract interest on our betting platform at Unibet but they will intensify whenever the winter Olympics comes to town. To find out more about the markets on offer, please read our guide which covers the main points.

              A Global Affair

              While certain countries have traditionally enjoyed greater success at the Winter Olympics, this isn’t an exclusive tournament. At the 2018 competition in Pyeongchang, South Korea, no fewer than 92 nations took part with a total of just under 3,000 athletes getting involved.

              Among the most successful countries in the history of the event, Germany, Norway, Canada, the United States, Russia, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland are highly placed in the overall medal table and it’s certainly worth monitoring athletes from those nations in future games.

              Contrary to popular belief outside of the country, Australia is an active nation when it comes to Winter Sports and there are a number of superb locations around the states. Success at the Winter Olympics has been sparse and the country had to wait until 1994 for its first medal as the men’s team picked up a bronze in the 5,000 metres short track relay speed skating.

              1998 in Nagano saw Zali Steggal claim the first individual bronze in women’s slalom and success has increased substantially from that point. Following the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, Australia had claimed 15 medals - split equally between gold, silver and bronze.

              To find out if Australian athletes can add to that tally, tune in to Unibet TV to pick up the live stream.

              Popular Winter Olympic Events

              The 2018 Winter Olympics showcased a total of 102 events so there’s a lot to look forward to across the two weeks of competition. Individual bettors will have their own preferences in terms of which sports to stake on but some disciplines are traditionally more popular than others.

              Sports that regularly attract attention on our everyday betting platform will always see heavy interest when the Olympics come along. Ice Hockey has always been a popular pick and this trend will continue in all of the major tournaments.

              International skiing also attracts high demand throughout the regular season and it will continue to do so in all Winter Olympic competitions moving forwards.

              Completing the Schedule

              With more than one hundred events on the roster of any Winter Olympics, there are many more sports to work through as the competition develops. Also included on the list are disciplines as diverse as ice skating, ice dancing and speed skating while the competition also provides team events where more than one competitors is involved.

              The four-man bobsleigh event is arguably the most exciting contest of the entire winter Olympic schedule with the teams hurtling at great speeds down the ice track. It’s an exciting display and one that draws one of the biggest sets of viewing figures.

              On a more sedate level, curling is a more complex sport with competitors aiming stones at a target on the opposite side of the rink. It’s a time when many fringe sports are brought into the mainstream and that can only help to raise their profile.

              To find out exactly what is available from a betting perspective, just head to our sportsbook and follow the relevant links to the Winter Olympics. When the tournament is in progress, a whole host of markets will be in place to support the event from start to finish.

              Betting on and Watching the Winter Olympics

              The exact choice of betting options will largely depend on the sport: In all cases, there will be options for the outright winner and these will appear in advance of the games themselves. Match betting will also be published when appropriate and there will be moneyline picks in place shortly after draws are made and fixtures are known.

              The list of props will depend on the sport in question: For ski jumping where it’s all about the winner, one outright market will appear while ice hockey can have a number of side markets such as total goals and winning margin.

              Winter Olympic betting can also include a special market relating to the medal table. All participating nations will be listed here and it’s the job of the bettor to decide who will pick up the most golds at the conclusion of the tournament. 

              To catch the action as the competition progresses, all of our customers will be able to access the live stream from Unibet TV without subscription. We just ask that you have funds in your account or that you have placed a cash bet within the preceding 24 hours.

              If staking in our range of live winter Olympics markets, an added benefit from this service sees live odds updated as each event is in play. With Unibet TV available on mobile devices, this completes a perfect package for those that like to consider those live options.

              Completing the package are competitive odds across all available markets. It’s a comprehensive betting platform and it makes Unibet a wise choice for anyone looking for winter sports markets whenever the Olympics hits the sporting schedules.