Basketball is a sport that is played all over the world but, as far as most fans are concerned, the best action takes place in the USA. The National Basketball Association (NBA), is the highest ranked division within the sport and this is where the best teams and the greatest players can be found.

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              At Unibet TV, we cover the NBA extensively while making sure that coverage is extended to stream other leagues and cups at the same time. Basketball is a sport that provides a host of interesting betting markets and it’s also popular with those who like to stake in-play. The choice is an extensive one and we make sure that the big leagues are covered accordingly.

              NBA Betting

              The NBA enjoyed its inaugural season in 1946/47 and it’s been a favourite of basketball fans ever since. Over the years, the competition has evolved to include 29 teams from the USA and, it’s important not to forget the contribution made by Canada’s Toronto Raptors.

              Those 30 sides battle it out over a long regular season where each team can expect to play a colossal 82 games. The NBA is split into two conferences - east and west - and there are three divisions within each of those conferences. At the end of the regular season, the best performing teams progress to the playoffs and, ultimately, the NBA finals.

              The Boston Celtics are the most successful team in the history of the NBA with 17 titles and they are one of the teams to watch as the competition progresses. The list of recent winners also includes Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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              Basketball at the Olympics

              At the summer Olympics, basketball has enjoyed an extended run as a full medal sport from 1936. As you may have guessed, the United States has dominated the event winning 15 gold medals in the men’s section. It’s a similar story for the US women who have claimed eight of the 11 golds to have been contested so far.

              Despite that dominance, the outright winner betting markets are always busy whenever the summer Olympics appears on the horizon. American teams may dominate but there is always room for a shock outcome as the Argentinian men’s side proved in 2004.

              Similarly, there is a whole set of betting options for all matches in the tournament and this is where the real value can lie. With 12 teams qualifying and progressing to the Olympics, there is plenty of scope for bettors to consider and Unibet will back this with a comprehensive set of markets.

              It may only come along every four years but the Olympics remains the pinnacle of those sports which are showcased.’s live streaming captures many great moments and basketball is an important part of our coverage.

              NCAA Championship

              College basketball is a big deal Stateside: It’s a breeding ground for future NBA competitors and the NCAA Championship is a big deal for the teams involved. 68 teams compete in the men’s tournament and the competition is something of a brutal one. Compared with the marathon that is the NBA, the NCAA is a short sprint with a single elimination format being put in place.

              In 2019, Virginia won the NCAA title for the very first time and they will need to be followed closely in the years ahead. The most successful team in the history of the competition to date are UCLA who have won no fewer than 11 NCAA Championships. Those two sides, and 66 others will be in contention as the seasons develop.

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              As we have already seen, women’s basketball plays a prominent role at the summer Olympics and it’s good to see that the women’s game is thriving. The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) was formed in 1996 with its inaugural season coming along a year later.

              This is a developing tournament and, as of 2020, there are 12 teams taking part in the WNBA Championships. Those 12 sides are split equally between two conferences and each team plays 34 matches during the regular season. At the conclusion of that group phase, the best eight teams progress to the playoffs with the ultimate goal of winning the WNBA Finals. The Washington Mystics claimed their first title in 2019 while the most successful teams in the competition are Houston Comets and Minnesota Lynx who have two titles apiece.

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