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Darts has been a classic pub game for centuries, dating back to the 1860s. The sport quickly gained popularity in its native UK, before exploding all throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Since the turn of the century, darts has only increased in viewership, and the sport now attracts millions of live spectators, both in person and on TV.

Legendary darts figures are becoming household names. Players like Phil “The Power” Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have dominated the sport for decades, their battles watched by thousands of weird and wonderful fans across the globe.

It’s only natural, then, that the demand for streaming live darts has increased dramatically in recent years. If you want to know where and how to watch darts live in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. In this short guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about live streaming darts, plus a brief overview of the season schedule and how to stream darts live with Unibet TV.

What is the darts schedule for the year?
Due to an unresolved split in the darts federation way back in 1993, the number of darts competitions increased. Two different organisations, the BDO and the PDC, ran their own tournaments in competition and continue to do so today (despite the BDO’s recent fold into administration, the World Darts Federation still upholds their events).

As a result, the annual darts schedule is jam-packed with exciting action! From the Premier League to the World Darts Championship to World Matchplay, there are plenty of darts matches you can watch during a good part of the year. Typically, competitions run from December to July, so you’re never too far from the next darts match.

How to watch and stream live darts
There are a number of options available to you if you want to watch darts online. The rise in the demand for live sport has led to the creation of numerous streaming platforms, meaning you can catch all your favourite stars as they step up to the oche and launch their all-important darts wherever you are in the world.

No matter which competition you want to watch, you can always find a darts live stream if you look hard enough. But, if you can’t be bothered to trawl through the internet, why not just use Unibet TV to stream darts? Find all your favourite sports events right here and stream them live on your mobile, tablet, or laptop!

Where to watch darts live on Unibet TV
While there are many options for darts fans to watch and stream darts online, the best way to catch all the action is with Unibet TV. Our hassle-free streaming service lets you access all your favourite sports, including soccer, cricket, and rugby league, as well as darts.

Provided you have a decent internet connection and can log into your Unibet account, your darts live streams are just a few clicks away! Simply head to the event you want to watch, whether that’s the Darts Premier League or World Matchplay, and click on the small TV symbol next to the name. Your live stream then awaits you – it really is that simple!

Plus, you can make your viewing experience even better by taking advantage of the best darts odds and markets to earn some quick cash from your favourite darts stars. Bet in-play and stream live darts at the same time with Unibet TV!