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The Baseball season is now in full flow. We’re seeing another season of fantastic action from America’s hugely popular Major League Baseball – and the Australian Baseball League is on top form, too.

The world of online streaming platforms is fully upon us, with everything from entertainment to sports becoming easily accessible, wherever you are in the world. With top streaming services dominating the market, there are more ways than ever before to watch your favourite sports at home and on the go.

Would you like to be able to watch baseball anywhere and anytime? Is the thought of watching a home-run fly out of the park a dream? Well, worry not, because this article will tell you where you can live-stream all the best baseball action from anywhere in Australia. 

Where’s the Best Place To Live Stream Baseball?

Baseball has a global audience that expands far beyond the latest home run – just think of how popular New York Yankees merchandise is around the world.

If you’re looking to get your baseball fix, wherever you are in the world and whatever time you want to access it, online streaming is perfect for you.

There are a few options for you to catch all the best of the baseball world from anywhere in Australia through live-streaming and catch-up services.

Where can I watch Major League Baseball?

While there are a number of places to watch and stream Major League Baseball around the globe, you can always count on Unibet to provide a world-class streaming option for any MLB fan.

Every streaming service has its own unique set of features, and we’re no different – so check out our top quality Major League Baseball streaming service for all the latest live action!

What’s on the baseball schedule?

There have been some surprises in the MLB seasons so far – people doubted the Yankees’ off-season, look at them now – and some disappointments (the Tigers and the Mariners, for example). 

So, if you want to see the conclusion of this spectacular season, and find out about all the other excellent fixtures from this year’s schedule, then read on!

Upcoming Baseball

With the baseball seasons in the USA and Australia quite literally in full swing, there are some excellent games coming up for you to watch.

Schedule by team 

Here are some of the standout fixtures: 

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox host the Brewers from July 29 – 31 and travel to Chicago for a mouth-watering series from 1 – 3 August. They also travel to Pittsburgh (16 – 18 August) and Cincinnati (20 & 21 September) in a couple of brilliant games. 

The Red Sox will travel to face the Blue Jays from 30 September – 2 October to close out the regular-season calendar. 

The Yankees 

Fresh from hosting the Angels in a three-game series, the Yankees will start playing NL clubs. They start with a game against the Reds from 12 – 14 July. 

The two New York clubs will also face each other in a classic two-game series at the stadium, starting on 22 August 2022. The Yankees finish their season against mostly AL East clubs, but they will also face the Twins, Brewers, and Pirates in a series of brilliant games.