The origins of snooker can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century where it’s said that the game derived from another cue sport. Billiards predates snooker but, while variants of the original game were being developed, snooker came along as something of a side issue.

              Global Aims

              These days, snooker is big business with a busy professional circuit in place that takes up the majority of the calendar year. The big tournaments attract millions of viewers while the sport has now reached into a number of countries, including many in Asia which has a growing snooker scene. Unibet TV allows you to add your name to that list of viewers and, of course, we have an excellent set of snooker betting markets for you to consider.

              Like most sports, snooker has a World Championships and this is the competition that they all want to win. The very first tournament was held in 1927 and it was won by Joe Davis who would dominate the event in its early years.

              Outside of a handful of dedicated snooker fans, there was little interest in the competition but that situation would start to change in the 1970s. The arrival of star names such as Alex Higgins and Steve Davis helped to raise snooker’s profile while the spread of colour TV made the game more accessible for the average viewer.

              Another big turning point came in 1977 when the Snooker World Championship came to its current home - the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Having wandered around England and other parts of the world for many years, the establishment of a permanent venue was vital to retain fans’ interest. Since that point, the tournament has grown steadily to the point where some 20 million viewers take in the action from across the globe. Unibet TV is proud to offer our customers a chance to add to those numbers by tuning in to our live stream. It’s easy to access and will ensure that you don’t have to miss out on any of the top games.

              The Daily Grind

              The professional snooker circuit is busier now than ever before with over 40 events taking place across the season. Individual players won’t look to compete in every one, however, and the aim for most is to take part solely in the ranking tournaments. Ranking points can only be claimed in these competitions and those points can, in turn, guarantee qualification for the major events on the circuit.

              When the new season starts, customers at Unibet can look for relevant markets on all of those ranking events. The Riga Masters, The German Masters, The Gibraltar Open and the English Open are among the many tournaments that we cover, both on our sportsbook and through live streaming from Unibet TV.

              A small selection of non ranking events also draws the biggest names in the sport. Included in this list is a tournament known simply as ‘The Masters’ which traditionally takes place in London’s Alexandra Palace at the start of the year. Once again, remember to look out for live coverage and your betting options on The Masters here at Unibet.

              Players to Watch

              Australia played an important role in the development of snooker and the country has hosted World Championships in the past. Despite that long association, Australians would have to wait until 2010 before they got their first World Champion. Neil Robertson was the man to deliver as he eased past 2006 winner Graeme Dott by 18 frames to 13 in the final.

              Robertson remains a contender in modern snooker betting markets and there is plenty of interest in the man known as the Melbourne Machine. Of the current crop of players, Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan is the most successful, having picked up his sixth World Snooker title in 2020.  

              Prior to O’Sullivan’s success, Judd Trump won the world championship in 2019. Both men are flamboyant players and their style contrasts perfectly with the more methodical approach of Mark Selby and John Higgins. There’s more than one way to play snooker and every type of competitor has a role to play on the pro circuit.

              Betting on and Watching Live Snooker

              Outright betting markets for the Snooker World Championship will be open for much of the calendar year. Almost as soon as the final black is sunk, you can start to speculate on who the next champion will be. Outrights for other tournaments will also open in advance while match betting will come along once the field and the draw is made known.

              Moneyline bets for match winners are a popular choice while handicap bets can also be considered. As for prop bets, snooker has the potential to provide an extensive set of side markets including correct score and total frames. In a long, methodical game such as snooker, there is the option to cross into live markets for those who prefer to stake in play.

              If you would like to watch live snooker from your account, it’s easy to do so. Unibet TV can be accessed by all of our customers who have active cash funds available. You don’t need to stake on the game in question and, if that account is funded or you have placed a cash bet within the last 24 hours, you can go ahead and view.

              The action can be streamed to your desktop, laptop or mobile device so Unibet TV is a flexible service that can be tailored to suit your preferences.