Ice hockey

        There is some dispute as to where ice hockey originated from: Canada lay the most likely claim with suggestions that the game was first played here in the 19th century but other countries have actively contested that opinion. What we do know is that the game is now played right across the world. The most successful nations in the game may be located in North America, mainland Europe and the Nordic nations but ice hockey is a global phenomenon.

              The NHL

              There are a number of major tournaments in place and, for most professional competitions, Unibet offer an extensive set of betting markets for our customers to consider. To back up that betting service, all of our account holders can gain access to Unibet TV which is on hand to live stream world class ice hockey from right across the globe.

              For most ice hockey fans, the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America is the focal point. This is where the biggest sides and the best players are involved in the race to win the Stanley Cup. Millions of viewers tune in to watch the action and Unibet TV plays its part in providing live action throughout the season.

              Originally founded back in 1917, the current format of the NHL allows for 31 teams across North America to take part. 24 of those sides are based in the United States while the remaining seven are located across the border in Canada. Teams take part in a long regular season with the initial aim of making the playoffs, ahead of the final series.

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              Other Major Leagues

              Many other professional ice hockey leagues and tournaments take place throughout the calendar year. In Europe, much of the focus falls upon the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) which was established in 2008 and currently includes teams from Russia, Belarus, Finland, China, Kazakhstan and Latvia.

              Top leagues and knockout competitions also take place in Scandinavia and much of Europe as a whole. In the bigger tournaments, Unibet offer that same great range of markets plus comprehensive live streaming.

              Winter Olympics and the World Championships

              Ice Hockey is pivotal to the Winter Olympics and it’s been on the games’ schedule since 1920. From the 1920’s onwards, the Olympics featured just a men’s section with the women making an overdue appearance at the 1998 Games in Nagano.

              Traditionally, the United States, Canada and the former Soviet Union have been strong. Naturally, you won’t find any current markets for the USSR but countries from Eastern Europe and North America are among those that we need to watch.

              All of those nations will also pose a threat at the ice hockey world championships. This competition originally formed part of the 1920 Olympics but, in the modern day, it is a standalone tournament scheduled to take place every year.

              Ice Hockey in Australia

              There is some interest in playing ice hockey in Australia, even if the climate isn’t best suited to the sport. Under the governance of Ice Hockey Australia, the main competition is the Australian Ice Hockey League which was formed as recently as 2000.

              Eight teams from across the country currently take part in the AIHL with the aim of initially reaching the playoffs and ultimately lifting the Goodall Cup.

              You may not see too much in the way of markets for the domestic leagues but it may be worth following Australia on the international stage. The men’s team is known as the Mighty Roos and they do take part in the World Championships. Success is largely elusive at this level and Australia have only qualified for the Winter Olympics once - at Squaw Valley in 1960.

              Despite this lack of a major breakthrough at a global level, you may want to follow those Mighty Roos when they appear in our betting markets and make some occasional appearances on Unibet TV.

              Betting on and Watching Live Ice Hockey

              Outright betting markets are in place for the major ice hockey leagues and cups across the world. If you do want to bet on the overall winning team, these options will be published some way in advance of the competition.

              When the individual games approach, moneyline bets come into play with our customers able to stake on which side they think will win. Prop bets for major ice hockey games can include Correct Score and Total points while this is a fast paced sport that is perfect for those who like to get involved with live betting. It’s also worth remembering that in play odds are updated in real time via the Unibet TV feed to help you make an informed decision.

              To watch ice hockey unfold on your screen, Unibet TV is standing by with a live stream of the top games. All Unibet customers will be able to access the feed, as long as they either have funded accounts or have placed a cash bet on any market within the preceding 24 hours.

              The stream can be picked up via any device that carries an internet connection so you have the freedom and flexibility to watch when and where you want. For the bigger screen experience, a desktop or laptop will fit the bill while the feed can also be picked up via your smartphone or tablet.