It’s one of the most historic sports in the world with its origins dating back for many hundreds of years. Golf also provides us with some of the oldest, organised events on the sporting calendar and, in the modern era, it’s busier than ever.

              Major Events

              At Unibet, we cover professional golf from around the world with many markets to choose from. Aside from a brief period either side of Christmas, the game barely takes a break and neither do we. Along with that extensive set of betting options, our customers can also enjoy the benefits of Unibet TV which live streams the big events onto your device.

              There are four big golf tournaments each year and these are referred to as the Majors. Traditionally, these competitions start with the US Masters in April and will progress to include the US Open, the PGA Championship and the Open Championship. Of those events, three are held in the United States while the Open Championship is contested across the UK and Ireland. The US Masters plays at a fixed venue - the Augusta National - while the remaining three events rotate between courses.

              Whenever a major golf tournament appears in view, our sportsbooks become particularly active. Outright winner markets will be published some time in advance while match betting and prop bets start to take over once the field has been confirmed and the draw is made known.

              Australia has provided a number of Major winners over the years and two of our greatest ever players are still competing. Adam Scott claimed the Masters in 2013 while Jason Day won the PGA Championship in 2015. Both men continue to attract some interest in the betting markets and you can follow their play via Unibet TV.

              Home Comforts

              Australia’s most important golf tournament is the Australian Open which was first held back in 1904. It’s an annual event on the calendar and it’s one that can attract the better players from outside of the country. America’s multiple-major winner Jordan Spieth lifted the trophy here in 2014 while Rory McIlroy tasted success a year earlier but, in the main, home players tend to dominate.

              Between 2000 and 2019, Australian golfers won the event on no fewer than 15 occasions. To get behind those home players at the Australian Open, you can consider the markets at Unibet while looking to access our live stream for the best in tournament play. 

              The Twin Tours

              The Australian Open forms part of the PGA Tour of Australasia which hosts a number of competitions through the year. There are other circuits across the world but, for most golf bettors, it’s all about two main Tours.

              The PGA Tour mainly focuses on events in the United States although it does occasionally head over the borders into Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world. American golfers are among the best while the stronger players in Europe and beyond all tend to aim for the PGA Tour.

              On the other side of the Atlantic, the European Tour dominates. Similarly to its PGA counterpart, the majority of competitions are held in the UK and on mainland Europe but it will cross into other countries at times. The four Majors are included on the Tours but, outside of those big events, competitions take place for much of the calendar year. In fact, aside from a small break around Christmas, you can find markets and viewing options for most of the remaining twelve months.

              With Unibet TV waiting to live stream the best of the action, you can consider those markets but you don’t necessarily have to place a bet to watch the tournament in question.

              Betting on and Watching Live Golf

              All that we ask from our Unibet TV viewers is that they have registered with us and have funds in that account. Alternatively, you can still watch providing that you have placed a cash bet within the previous 24 hours. There are no expensive subscriptions to take out and, as long as you have met those simple requirements, a host of live golf is open to you.

              If you like to stake in the live markets then you may want to catch the action on mobile. This gives you complete flexibility and, you can watch the in play odds update in real time as the tournament progresses. Alternatively, Unibet TV can be streamed directly to your laptop or desktop PC.

              Accessing the live service is very simple but what bets can you place? Outright winner markets for the Major events and other big competitions such as the Ryder Cup will be in place for much of the year. Once the fields have been confirmed, the prop bets will start to develop and there are many of these to choose from.

              If you feel that a player may finish high up the field but may not actually win the event, you could stake on a Top 5 or Top 10 result. Similarly, if you think you have identified a golfer that starts strongly but fades at the end of four rounds, you could enter the first round leader betting.

              There are more prop markets than you might think in what is a fascinating sport. Golf is an important part of our sportsbook and Unibet TV is a busy service when the big tournaments come around.