Football is a global obsession and it remains the most popular sport in many parts of the world. Hundreds of national leagues and knockout competitions are in place and, when supporters are not out kicking a ball themselves, they like to take in as much action as they possibly can.

              Football on TV and on Unibet’s Live Stream

              Televised football fills in the gap and, to recognise the huge interest in the sport, Unibet’s live streaming service had to be as comprehensive as possible.

              Premier League

              While domestic football will always have a loyal following, the most popular division around the world is the English Premier League. Established in 1992, the EPL features the 20 best teams in England and it showcases many of the greatest players in the game.

              Certain teams tend to dominate the Premier League with Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United among the most successful sides in recent years. Shocks can still occur, however, as Leicester City proved in 2015/16.

              Aside from the title race, the EPL has its relegation battles and the race for Champions League and Europa League places. In most countries around the world, fans will have their favourite English Premier League side and it’s estimated that some 4.7 billion viewers tune in for EPL coverage - both online and on TV. It’s a global phenomenon and it’s backed by wide exposure at

              Champions League

              For clubs around Europe, the Champions League is the most attractive competition of all. Only the elite teams from around the continent qualify for the tournament which provides classic games between the footballing giants. This is the only competition where Liverpool or Manchester United can come up against iconic teams including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich so it’s no wonder that the Champions League attracts huge viewing figures.

              Introduced in 1992 to replace the European Cup, the Champions League features some clubs from around the continent. From the early qualifying rounds, right through to the final, there is a host of markets to enjoy and is on hand to live stream the best of the action.

              Europa League

              While this may be Europe’s secondary competition, the Europa League features some big teams and there have been some unforgettable finals in the past. Sides qualify for the initial group phases via their domestic divisions and then, at the start of the new year, they are joined by a number of clubs who have been eliminated from the Champions League.

              The format ensures some drama from their preliminary rounds through to the final and, with the winner of the Europa League earning qualification to the UCL, there is plenty at stake. Switch on to and enjoy all of that drama as it unfolds.

              La Liga

              Outside of the English Premier League, Spain’s top division enjoys most attention from around the world. That’s due to the presence of world class teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, plus the participation of the best players in the game. Who wouldn’t want to tune in to see the great Lionel Messi in action as he looks to drive Barcelona to another league title?

              La Liga attracts great viewing interest but there are more top European leagues to enjoy. Italy’s Serie A, the German Bundesliga and Ligue 1 in France are among the most popular divisions to be covered by our live streaming. Log on to make sure you never miss a goal.

              The World Cup

              Football is a global phenomenon and, every four years, the ultimate prize is on the table. The World Cup was first held in 1930 and it’s simply the pinnacle of the sport as far as all national teams are concerned.

              Across any tournament, around half of the world’s population will tune in to the World Cup and, while all games will be available via the live TV broadcasters, the ability to live stream games via offers greater flexibility.

              In the present day, the tournament has been extended to allow 32 teams to take part and, to accommodate the extended format, over a month is dedicated to the competition. In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 64 matches were played so that’s a lot of action for live streaming to cover.

              France won in 2018 to claim their second title but it’s Brazil who remain the most successful country in the history of the competition. The Samba Boys have won no fewer than five titles and they will be looking to extend that tally through 2022 and beyond.

              The focus may be on the tournament itself but there are hundreds of qualification matches before the World Cup finals can kick off. All countries affiliated to the FIFA governing body will take part in those qualifiers and, once again, live streaming has the action covered.

              Live Streamed Football

              Unibet TV allows you to watch and bet on football throughout the calendar year. With hundreds of markets to choose from, both pre-match and in play, you can stake on your preferred outcome and watch your bet unfold as the action develops.

              Whether you want to take in the English Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga or any of the top leagues around Europe and beyond, Unibet has it covered and there are in play odds shown as the games progress. Log on or sign up now to make sure you never miss out on the top football action.