Experienced members of the betting community have known for some time that cycling is a sport that holds lots of interest. Its profile has recently been raised by some stunning performances at the Olympic Games but it’s always had a loyal following. Away from the Olympics, the focus largely falls on the Tour De France but it’s a busy sport with regular events throughout the calendar year. The concept of first past the post is generally behind the sport but cycling can be a complex and fascinating discipline with lots of stages for the competitors to negotiate.

              The Regular Cycling Calendar

              The sport produces a whole host of events throughout the year and we’ll touch on the biggest of those as we work through this review. There is a series of World Championships too and these cover a number of disciplines which come under the cycling umbrella.

              The UCI are the governing body and they organise world championships on an annual basis. The competitions have been in place since way back in 1893 and they include a number of key events including time trials and road races. Australia has enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in this tournament with a total of six gold medals up to 2019 but the runway leaders in this respect are Italy with 52 golds.

              To find out exactly what’s available at any specific point in time, remember to check out our cycling markets. There will be options for most of the calendar year but it’s natural that there will be more interest as certain events approach.

              The Grand Tours

              Even those sports fans with a mere passing interest in cycling will know that the Tour de France is widely considered to be the most prestigious race of all. It’s certainly a highlight of the calendar year but this event forms just part of three competitions which are known as the Grand Tours.

              Alongside the Tour de France, the trio is completed by the Giro D’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana. All three are gruelling events with many stages and the eventual winner fully deserves their trophy. As far as the betting community are concerned, there is definite interest in all three events but the viewing figures underline the fact that the Tour De France is the most prestigious. Over five million viewers tune in and the efforts of Unibet TV help to boost those figures across the three weeks of competition.

              There is a loyal crew of Australian fans and, in more than 100 years of the Tour de France, the country has produced a winner. As recently as 2011, Cadel Evans was the man to fly the lone flag and Aussie viewers will continue to tune in to see if anyone can build on that solitary success. 

              Cycling at the Summer Olympics

              Cycling may seem to have gained wider TV coverage at the most recent Olympics but this is one of the most historical sports as far as the games are concerned. In fact, cycling has been present since the birth of the modern games at Athens in 1896.

              At the time of writing, the most recent games took place in Rio in 2016 and there were 18 separate gold medals up for grabs. Since the turn of the century, riders from the UK have been strong in many cycling disciplines and, across the men’s and women’s categories, Great Britain picked up six of those 18 golds.

              Other nations to have claimed multiple gold medals in Rio were Switzerland, United States and the Netherlands who divided six golds equally. In contrast, cycling in Australia is a little subdued with athletes leaving Brazil with just a silver and a bronze. Historically, there has been some sporadic success for Aussie cyclists at the Games and results will hopefully become more consistent in the future.

              Betting on and Watching Live Cycling

              Cycling is a very simple sport as far as betting is concerned with the main focus falling on the race winner. These outright options will be listed some time in advance of the event and our customers will have time to assess the odds and see if there is any ante post value. 

              This isn’t a sport that offers a host of options for prop betting but there can be some potential for side markets at times. At the Olympic events, it’s all about the rider who crosses the line first but, at the Grand Tours, there is the possibility to bet on the winners of individual stages. Stage betting provides additional interest and there are some picks to consider away from the outright winner.

              Those long Grand Tours also transfer perfectly into the live section of our sportsbook. In lengthy competitions with a number of riders remaining in contention, the in play markets are busy until the winner is decided.

              Don’t forget that if you are betting in play, there is the support of Unibet TV on hand. This is a live stream, available to all customers and it will update those in play odds as the competition develops. Betting on the race isn’t, however, essential if you want to watch the feed. As long as you have funds in your sportsbook account or, you have placed a cash wager within the previous 24 hours, the feed is accessible.

              Unibet TV completes the package and, for all cycling fans, our betting platform is worth checking out.