It may be one of our more curious racquet sports but badminton has a long history and it’s one that originated from similar pastimes. Central to its unique flavour is the use of the shuttlecock which is propelled across the net by opposing players with a view to scoring points. While it’s almost unique in the present day, the shuttlecock was at the heart of many sports played across Eurasia and those sports date back over centuries. In the present day, badminton enjoys a huge following, from players, fans and the wider betting community.

              Popular Focal Points for Badminton

              As we will see when we work through the list of major tournament winners, badminton is especially strong in Asia where China and South Korea have historically won a host of gold medals. In terms of European success, Scandinavian nations tend to perform better than others but badminton is enjoyed all over the continent.

              In contrast, Australian athletes haven’t performed so well on the international stage but the game is played enthusiastically on an amateur and professional level right across the country. Australia has been represented at the summer Olympics and we wait for the nation to make its big breakthrough in the sport.

              The Big Badminton Events

              Badminton has a World Championship and the event has been on the schedules since 1977. Currently run under the auspices of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), the event is now held on an annual basis, with the exception of years when the summer Olympics is on the calendar.

              Five competitions are hosted within each tournament with men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles all on the schedule. 

              The overall medal table tells us that China has been the most successful nation by far with no fewer than 66 golds won up to and including the 2019 edition of the tournament. A distant second are Indonesia with 23 while Denmark and South Korea have just made it into double figures. Past results won’t necessarily offer indications into future returns but clearly the Chinese are likely to feature highly in our markets moving forward.

              Another major international badminton tournament is the Thomas Cup which debuted in 1962 and is now held on a bi-annual basis. All member nations of the BWF can take part in a competition with a different format which sets it apart from the World Championships.

              Outside of the international arena, badminton enjoys a thriving domestic scene with major leagues and knockout competitions taking place all over the world. We’ve seen where the main focal points are and that theme is continued by the big events originating from Asia and mainland Europe.

              Badminton at the Olympics

              The sport may seem like it has a familiar presence at the summer Olympics but badminton has only been included as a permanent event since Barcelona in 1992. It had previously appeared as a demonstration sport in 1972 and again in 1988 before finally being adopted into the full Olympic family.

              Six games had been contested by the time of Rio’s closing ceremony in 2016 and, once again, the Chinese players had proved to be strong. The Olympic games also feature five different categories and, of the first 34 gold medals ever contested, China had won 18. The other nations to have taken home multiple golds are Indonesia and South Korea.

              It’s taken a while for badminton to be a regular sport on the Olympic schedule but it finally looks to be here to stay and Unibet will be on hand with a host of busy markets whenever the games appear.

              Betting on and Watching Badminton Live

              It’s easy to follow the schedule of badminton markets and you can check on the current options just by clicking on this area of our sportsbook. Outright tournament winner odds will be published ahead of the event in question while match betting comes into play when the draw is made and the exact fixtures are known. 

              Match markets will continue for the duration of each major event, all the way through to the final, and, with no potential for the tie, it’s a case of picking between the two opponents. 

              This is a sport that has potential for a number of different prop bets and many of these focus on totals. Options for total points and total games will be in place for the majority of major events.

              Badminton also has a loyal following in the live section of our sportsbook and, if you like to stake in play, you can look to take advantage of an added benefit of Unibet TV. This live streaming service is available to all customers and it will update odds in real time as the match progresses.

              For the most flexible approach to live betting, a mobile device is likely to be your perfect partner. Our fast and free sportsbook app can be quickly downloaded and Unibet TV is available for streaming to your smartphone or tablet. For those intending to bet on the go, this is by far the most convenient way to stake on those live badminton markets. 

              But you don’t have to stake on the match in question in order to access the live feed. As long as you have funds in your Unibet sportsbook account, or you have placed a cash bet within the previous 24 hours, you can tune in and enjoy the action.