American Football

        While it has a loyal following in most parts of the world, American football is, inevitably, largely based in the USA. There are leagues and competitions set up in Europe, Asia, Australasia and beyond but, it’s really all about the NFL

              American Football Live Streaming and Betting

              At Unibet TV, we cover the NFL from start to finish: The regular season is given extensive coverage and, of course, we are there at the playoffs and will continue to stream up to and including the Super Bowl.

              The sport is also popular with the betting community as it has a lot of potential for different markets. Points mean everything in an American Football match so many of these markets relate to the number of points scored in the game. Total combined points, points scored by each team and the highest scoring quarter are examples of NFL markets. Naturally, bets on match result and outright winner of the Super Bowl are also quoted in what is a busy sport for us here at Unibet.


              The National Football League (NFL) celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2020. The inaugural season took place back in 1920 and the sport began to accelerate from this point. The Super Bowl came along a little later in 1967 as a central trophy was needed to unite all teams that come under the league’s umbrella.

              It’s a relatively short season from September through to the start of February and the action on the field is highly anticipated throughout the year. Before a ball is kicked or thrown, outright markets are available and those options develop once each NFL campaign begins.

              At every stage in the NFL process, Unibet will be there to provide live streamed action and to offer a wide set of betting markets. When customers access the live streaming platform, they will see odds updated as the games develop and that’s an important advantage for anyone staking in the in-play markets.

              The Basics of NFL and its Popularity in Australia

              American Football has been described as a game of ‘human chess’ and, as such, the rules can be quite complex. The condensed version of those rules are, however, relatively easy to follow and the fundamentals are quite simple.

              Two teams face each other in a game which is split into four 15 minute quarters. 11 men from each side are on the pitch at a time - one involved in offense and the other in defense. Special teams take over for field goals or extra points. Because of the need for specialists in each area, sides require up to 45 players during an NFL game.

              The object is to score more points than the other side and those points can be awarded in a number of ways. A touchdown is the most valuable play and this rewards six points when a team runs or catches the ball in their opponents’ end zone. Following the touchdown is a conversion attempt which awards an extra point.

              Field goals return three points while a safety is worth two points. Field goals can be kicked from anywhere on the field while a safety occurs when a player is tackled by the opposition with the ball in his own end zone.

              Viewing figures for the Super Bowl come close to the 100 million mark around the world. Australia may have its Aussie Rules but many viewers come from Down Under as the sport grows in popularity. Not all NFL games are televised live, however, and that’s where Unibet TV can step in.

              How the NFL Season Works

              In the present day, 32 teams from across the US compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy which is awarded at the end of the Super Bowl match. Before that, the regular season has to be negotiated and those 32 sides are split into two conferences - the AFC and the NFC. Within those conferences, the teams are divided equally into four divisions.

              Over the course of that regular season, teams will play 16 matches and, once that series has been completed, the best performing sides will head into the playoffs. The ultimate aim is to progress through the knockout games and to make it through to the Super Bowl where ultimate glory awaits.

              NFL Greats

              Since the Super Bowl was incepted in 1967, a number of teams have won the Vince Lombardi Trophy on multiple occasions. As of 2020, the most successful sides in the history of the NFL are the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers who have both won the Super Bowl six times.

              Close behind are the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers who have claimed five victories up to and including 2020.

              While no team has been completely dominant in more than 50 years of the trophy, the Patriots hold a clear record when it comes to appearances at the Super Bowl. Along with those six wins, New England have suffered five defeats and that total of 11 puts them at the top of the list. No other side has competed in more than eight finals and the Patriots remain one of the strongest NFL teams moving forward.

              Can New England add to that tally in the years that follow or will other teams overtake their proud record? To find out, take a look at the betting markets and switch on to as the NFL seasons continue to unfold.