While the events staged by WWE may blur the lines between sport and entertainment, there is no doubt that the organization produces some thrilling action in the ring. The world of pro wrestling offers a whole lot of fun and, while it pays to not take things too seriously, millions of viewers derive huge enjoyment from the WWE. There is, however, a serious side to betting on pro wrestling. Markets are exceptionally active when the big events appear on the horizon and we need to support those competitions with wide choice and excellent odds. If you’ve yet to get involved with WWE betting, here’s what you need to know.

              WWE Formats

              Before taking a bet on any professional wrestling contest, it’s important to understand the rules and the different types of competition within WWE. The first, and most obvious of these is the straight singles bout between two opponents. In this case, it’s a simple battle to win by either a knockout, pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification.

              This simple format also transfers across to Tag Team contests. Two teams containing two wrestlers are in opposite corners with just one competitor in the ring at any one time. The same rules and principles apply in this form with wins accessible via knockout, count out, pinfall, submission or disqualification.

              The other main form of competition within WWE is carried out on an elimination basis. This is effectively a ‘last man standing’ event and these contests can provide a big highlight for fans and the contenders. There’s always a busy schedule and, with WWE proving to be big business around the world, bettors will always have another fight night approaching on the horizon.

              The Big Match Ups

              The WWE roster does read like a list of showbiz names and, even those with just a passing interest in the sport will have come across some of the competitors. The current list of contenders includes Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Asuka, R-Truth, the Street Profits, Bayley and Austin Theory.

              Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has also thrown his hat into the WWE ring in recent months. The man known as the Gypsy King is a superstar with the gloves on and his global notoriety has added a new dimension to the organization. It’s a thrilling roster and one that guarantees fun and excitement whenever the WWE roadshow comes to town.

              Royal Rumble

              Among the many events on the WWE schedule, Royal Rumble is arguably the most highly anticipated. Run on an annual basis, the contest takes place every January and it sees competitors enter the ring at timed intervals.

              Traditionally, 30 wrestlers are involved here and they are effectively seeded as they come into the ring. Clearly, the competitor who enters last will have an advantage as he is the final contestant to become involved and only needs to overcome some tired opponents to claim the trophy. Upsets can, however, occur and this element only adds to the thrill of this innovative WWE event.

              Royal Rumble has been a regular fixture on the WWE calendar since it was first introduced back in 1988 and it sits among a host of thrilling events. Look out for consistent Wrestlemania nights while new innovations, such as Hell in a Cell, are being added to keep the organization fresh and up to date.

              Flying the Flag

              WWE has its headquarters in the United States and the country is very much a focal point for the organization. Over the years, US wrestlers have dominated the scene but there have been some notable exceptions from around the world. Who can forget the much-missed Rowdy Roddy Piper who was billed as a competitor from Scotland but who was actually a proud Canadian.

              Australian wrestlers have also played a part with WWE appearances coming from Nathan Jones, Rhea Ripley, Peyton Royce, Bronson Reed, Billie Kay and Outback Jack amongst others.

              WWE is a global organisation and the addition of wrestlers from outside of the US helps to build that worldwide appeal. 

              Betting on and Watching Live WWE

              Betting on WWE events is a straightforward affair with a small selection of markets involved. In the majority of cases, it’s all about looking at the match up in question and deciding on which opponent, or set of opponents, will win. Bets for each of those fights will appear shortly after the schedule is confirmed and this will give our customers some time to consider the two contenders ahead of making a selection.

              In a multiple contender event such as Royal Rumble, outright winner betting comes into play and, with up to 30 wrestlers likely to enter the ring during the course of this contest, there will be lots of names to consider. The draw is particularly important here as the initial set of combatants will have less chance to rise to the top than the fighters who appear towards the end. Our outright odds will, of course, be there as a guide to help you make a decision.

              To watch a selection of WWE events, the live stream at Unibet TV is available to all customers. You just need to have funds in your account to gain access to a service that can be streamed to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Any live odds applicable to the event will update as the battle progresses so remember to stay tuned to Unibet for the best WWE betting experience around.