While it’s a fast paced sport with plenty of action at both ends of the court, netball can be a complex game with some intricate rules. While there are obvious comparisons to basketball with the aim of shooting a ball through the opponents’ hoop, the big difference lies in the players’ designated positions. Players are fixed in certain areas on the court and that makes netball a quick, passing game as opposed to basketball which has the element of dribbling involved. Netball is popular with supporters here in Australia and beyond while we also have a loyal following among the betting community here at Unibet.

              Regular Netball Competitions

              While it’s not an exclusive sport, netball is largely played by women and the major professional tournaments all focus on the women’s game. There are big international competitions which we will cover in detail shortly and these sit alongside regular domestic leagues and cups around the world.

              Netball is now a regular fixture at the Commonwealth Games and it’s recently been added to the Southeast Asian Games roster. The sport has its very own World Cup while, on the domestic front, the bigger competitions include the Super League in Great Britain and New Zealand’s ANZ Premiership.

              The sport is played extensively in Australia who are one of the strongest nations in the game. Here, the elite level of professional competition is covered by Suncorp Super Netball.

              It’s a busy schedule and one which offers betting options on our sportsbook for much of the calendar year.

              Netball World Cup

              The sport has a major global tournament which was originally established back in 1963. Previously known as the Netball World Championships, a rebranding followed and the tournament is now referred to as the Netball World Cup. The competition is held every four years and, at the time of writing, the next event is scheduled for 2023 in South Africa.

              Across the opening editions of the competition, only three sides have ever won the trophy and Australia are the most successful nation by far. Australian teams have won eleven titles with New Zealand following on in second place with five wins. The only other nation to have won the Netball World Cup are Trinidad and Tobago who shared the trophy with Australia and New Zealand in 1979.

              The current format of the tournament sees 16 teams take part in the finals. Initial group stages are followed by a series of knockout games which decide the winners and the minor places. In total, 60 matches are played under the current system and Unibet are here with options for all games from start to finish.

              Netball at the Commonwealth Games

              Netball has yet to feature at the Olympics and, while that situation may change in the future, the sport is a regular at other global events. One of the most important of these is the Commonwealth Games where Australia have featured on a regular basis since the sport’s inclusion.

              Netball first appeared at the Games at Kuala Lumpur in 1998 with the Australian team beating great rivals New Zealand in the final. In six overall tournaments, Australia lead the medal table with three golds followed by the Kiwis who have two titles. The only other country to have claimed Commonwealth gold are England who won their solitary trophy to date at the Gold Coast games in 2018.

              The sport will continue at the Commonwealth Games and in other regional tournaments and Unibet will be here with our regular comprehensive markets and competitive odds.

              The Big Leagues

              The three major competitions mentioned at the start of this review are covered extensively by our betting markets meaning that there are regular options throughout the season. Australian customers may want to focus on Suncorp Super Netball where eight teams do battle in a competition which was established in 2017.

              The main alternatives include the ANZ Premiership and the Netball Superleague. Both competitions have been introduced since the start of the new millennium and that underlines the rise in popularity that netball has enjoyed in recent years.

              Betting on and Watching Live Netball

              If you’re unfamiliar with netball or you simply want to catch as much live, on court action as possible, you can watch a host of games here at Unibet. The live stream offered by Unibet TV is available to all of our customers and you don’t need a subscription in order to tune in. Our only requirement is that you have funds in your account or, failing that, you can still watch providing that you have placed a cash bet within the preceding 24 hours.

              While watching the feed via desktop, laptop or mobile device, odds will update in real time and this is a huge bonus for anyone looking to stake in our live netball markets.

              Whether you’re betting ante post or in play, we have a wide selection of betting options, starting with the outright winner of any of those major tournaments. Once fixtures are confirmed, moneyline picks on the match result will be listed and they will come with a series of side markets.

              Prop betting can include options for total points and winning margin while netball also has that wide coverage in the live sportsbook where the majority of those ante post picks will simply be carried over. It’s an extensive overall package making Unibet a logical place to check out for anyone interested in netball betting.