Motor Sports

        The term ‘motorsport’ covers many disciplines and it also embraces machines on both two and four wheels. In general, the aim is the same and the driver who finishes first past the post will win the race. There are some tweaks to those rules in certain areas of motorsport: Time penalties can come into play in a number of events while the new world of Formula E has a set of quirky rules including ‘fanboost’ and ‘attack mode’. All will be explained but firstly, let’s look at the many events that fall under the motorsport umbrella.

              The Big Leagues

              Where the majority of fans and the wider betting community are concerned, it’s all about one particular sport. Formula One is the biggest draw simply because it has the fastest cars and the best drivers around.

              F1 officially began in 1950 with the Drivers Championship contested every year since that point. There is a separate Constructors Championship within Formula One and that presents another betting opportunity for our customers. In recent years, Daniel Ricciardo has flown the flag for Australian Drivers who have a long and rich history in the sport. The great Jack Brabham was an early pace setter - winning the world drivers’ title on three occasions while Alan Jones has since added a solitary success in 1980.

              On the other side of the world, the United States runs a number of motorsport events that are virtually exclusive to the country. NASCAR and IndyCar attract huge interest and both disciplines have as big a following as F1.

              Turning to two wheels and the motorcycle equivalent of F1 is known as MotoGP. The fastest machines and the best riders are involved and the fanatical following extends to the betting community too. 

              Historically, Australian riders have enjoyed great success in Moto GP with two former world champions listed up to and including the 2019 season. Wayne Gardner was the first of these with a world title secured in 1987 while the great Mick Doohan won five championships in a row from 1994 to 1998.

              Success hasn’t come so easily to Aussie riders since Doohan’s great run but there is huge interest in MotoGP and the country aims to get back to the top of the motorcycle tree in the future.

              Main Events

              The United States may have their unique versions of motorsport but Australia certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. In this part of the world, the focus is on the Supercars Championship - a series that brings every Australian petrol head together. Although the competition is run under wider FIA rules, Supercars is held exclusively in Australia and New Zealand with top events such as the Bathurst 1000 taking place on either side of the Tasman.

              Coming back to other disciplines and, the busiest area of our motorsport betting platform focuses on formula one. The F1 season traditionally begins with the Australian Grand Prix in March and, after a lengthy campaign, the curtain comes down at the start of December. 

              The MotoGP World Championship is similar in many ways to the F1 version: There is a riders and a constructors title on the line while the season is only marginally briefer - running from March to November. Along the way, the circuit at Phillip Island in Victoria plays host to the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

              NASCAR, which is professional stock car racing, carries an even bigger schedule with no fewer than 36 races on the calendar. The biggest of them all is the Daytona 500 which traditionally kicks off the campaign in February.

              Motorsport continues to evolve and one of the most exciting developments in recent times centres around the world of Formula E. Using only single seater electric cars, the series made its debut in 2014 and, while it may lack the roar of F1, the action on the track is no less thrilling. Additions to traditional racing rules exist including Fanboost, where followers of Formula E vote for their favorite driver on social media. The five drivers at the top then benefit from power surges during the race.

              Betting on and Watching Live Motorsport

              Betting markets can vary slightly, depending on which area of motorsport that you’re focusing on but most will follow a similar pattern. Ahead of every season, there will be options to stake on the overall winning driver or rider within the series. If, as in Formula One, there is a separate Constructors Championship on the line, markets will be provided here too.

              Outright winner markets will appear some time in advance of the new season and, once the campaign gets underway, they will then transfer to the live section of our sportsbook. Race betting then takes over with options for race winner plus a host of prop bets. Once again, those props will differ depending on the event in question but they will typically include options for the fastest lap and the fastest qualifier.

              Once the race begins, live betting takes over and, for those who like to stake in play, Unibet TV has a distinct benefit. As this live stream develops, in play odds will be updated in real time so that our customers can make an informed decision on when to take the price in their desired market.

              It’s free to watch Unibet TV and we only ask that you have funds in your customer account. Failing that, a cash bet within the previous 24 hours on any market will be enough to secure access to a host of live motorsport action.