Anyone who follows ice hockey with any interest will know that the National Hockey League (NHL), is the biggest division in the world. While there are top class professional competitions all across the globe, the highest density of top teams and players can be found here in North America.

              A Brief History of the NHL

              Teams from the United States and Canada do battle for the Stanley Cup with the finals series coming after a long regular season and a set of playoffs. The NHL area of our sportsbook is always busy and anyone looking to place a bet will find an extensive set of associated markets.

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              The NHL has its origins firmly placed in Canada and its predecessor was the National Hockey Association which consisted of seven ice hockey teams from the Ontario and Quebec regions. The NHL took over the reigns in 1917 and, although the administration remained in Canada, the league started to encompass teams from all over North America.

              At that point, the Stanley Cup was an inter-league competition and the NHL teams took part but, in time, the National Hockey League would enjoy a monopoly. Development continued at a steady pace with new franchises joining the fun and we now have a competition involving 31 sides from both sides of the border.

              Season Format

              Those 31 teams are split into two Conferences - Eastern and Western - and all sides will play no fewer than 82 games in the regular season. It’s a long and gruelling opening campaign and, at the end of that schedule, the best performing franchises will progress to the playoffs.

              16 teams - eight from each conference - will be involved at this advanced stage and the section will start with the first round which is a best of seven match series. Winners progress to the second round before the Conference Finals get underway. The champion from each Conference will then make it through to the Stanley Cup Finals.

              At all stages, that best of seven format is retained so we have a lot of hockey to work through across the entire season. Unibet are here every step of the way with extensive betting markets and we have our live stream ready to broadcast the best of the action on the ice.

              Teams to Watch

              The Montreal Canadiens may be the most successful franchise in the history of the NHL but the last of their 25 titles came back in 1993. US teams will also be aware that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the closest challengers to that record with a tally of 13 Stanley Cup victories.

              Those numbers are correct up to and including the end of the 2018/19 season and other teams to have won the Stanley Cup on multiple occasions include the Detroit Red Wings, the Boston Bruins, the Edmonton Oilers, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New Jersey Devils. 

              Betting on and Watching Live NHL

              Anyone interested in betting on the overall winners of the Stanley Cup can do so in advance of the first games. Outrights are in place ahead of the tournament and will continue to run through the campaign until the champion is decided. 

              From the start of the regular season to the Stanley Cup finals series, match betting will start to take over with moneyline odds on either of the two specific teams. Any form of Ice Hockey will also provide options for a host of props so you could look to take advantage of Correct Score, Total Goals and many more.

              The NHL will also receive extensive coverage in our live betting section for those who like to consider a stake in play.

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