The demand for a wide set of eSports betting markets has grown considerably over the years and Unibet has been proactive in meeting those needs. Those demands require options for an extensive range of games and tournaments and, within each game, there must be some side bets to sit alongside the match result.

              eSports Betting and Live Streaming

              To compliment that extensive eSports book, Unibet TV is standing by with live streaming for the most important tournaments from around the world. To access the stream, viewers must be Unibet customers with funded accounts or, they must have placed a cash bet within 24 hours of the event. Having met those simple requirements, a world of live eSports viewing awaits.

              How eSports has Grown over the Years

              The concept of two opponents playing against each other on screen has been around since the very first video games came onto the market. In the present day, professional eSports is big business with huge prize money available in the major tournaments but how did we get from the couch to the big leagues?

              Pro leagues and tournaments began to emerge in the second half of the 1990s and one of the most influential of these was the Electronic Sports League which was founded in 1998. A year later, 1600 players from all across Europe came together for the first Gamers Gathering in Duisburg.

              Demand for professional leagues was strong and it continued to gather momentum in the new century. Important developments came with the first World Cyber Games in 2000 and the inaugural Electronic Sports World Cup in 2003. From that point, there has been steady growth which has been accelerated in the last ten years.

              Betting markets and sponsorship money have allowed more teams to become involved with eSports and the list of tournaments continues to increase. There is a bright future ahead and there are a number of games that punters can get involved with.

              DOTA 2 Betting

              The sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) has eclipsed the original to the point where serious gamers and eSports professionals concentrate solely on this follow up. Developed by Valve, DOTA 2 is a classic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Title which involves defending and occupying other territories.

              DOTA 2 has been recognised as one of the most lucrative options when it comes to professional eSports. The developers Valve run a series of qualifiers known as the DOTA Pro Circuit and competitors aim to earn points that will see them progress to The International. This is an annual tournament, first held in 2009 and it showcases prize money in the region of $30 million USD.

              DOTA 2 is a popular choice for gamers and it also attracts huge support at Unibet. With extensive betting markets and live streaming from Unibet TV, it’s an important part of our eSports book.

              LOL Betting

              League of Legends is more commonly known by the acronym LOL and it’s another busy game for our customers and live stream viewers. Another MOBA title, this is a production from the Riot Games stable and it gained interest from the eSports community upon its release in 2009.

              In some parts of the world, LOL quickly became the most played game of all and many eSports afficianadoes claim that it is the most important title from a professional point of view. Once again, the developers play a big part in the pro ranks and Riot Games organise two major league series.

              In Europe, focus is on the League of Legends European Championship which has been held since 2013 while the League Championship Series is currently located in Los Angeles. 10 teams take part in each division and, along with other regional competitions, the aim is to make it through to the League of Legends World Championship. This is held on an annual basis and, in 2019, the tournament recorded some remarkable viewing figures. Over 100 million people watched the action across five and a half weeks so LOL is clearly a big deal.

              We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the live action and that’s why Unibet TV takes LOL coverage very seriously. Backed up by an active set of betting markets, bettors and viewers have a comprehensive package to look forward to.

              CS:GO Betting

              Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a release from the same Valve developers who gave us the DOTA series. Released in 2012, this is an all-action First Person Shooter game and it’s another title to have been quickly embraced by the professional eSports community.

              This is, in fact, one of the most active games when it comes to pro leagues and tournaments and the highlight is a set of events known as Majors. 24 teams are currently involved in these elite competitions which take place all over the world. Once again, live coverage is widely consumed online and Unibet TV is an important part of that broadcasting service.

              COD Betting

              COD is the recognised acronym for the Call of Duty game which was originally released in 2003. Currently produced by Sledgehammer Games, COD has topped $15 billion in global sales and it’s another prime title for pro eSports players.

              This is, arguably, the busiest game in terms of eSports coverage with many leagues and tournaments set up across the globe. Those leagues are known as ladders and one of the biggest competitions is the CDL - Call of Duty League - run by Activision.

              To keep up with the best of the action from around the COD gaming world, keep tuning in to Unibet TV.