Unibet AU NBA

        Basketball is played all over the world but for many hoops fans, there is only one competition to focus on. The National Basketball Association (NBA) concentrates solely on teams from North America but it features the greatest players in the game. As such, it’s the main focal point for fans and for a growing betting community.

              How to bet on and watch NBA games

              At Unibet, our sportsbook has a lot to offer basketball bettors and, for those who want to see how their stakes play out, Unibet TV is on hand with a live stream of the best action.

              Basketball games are based around points scoring and those points form an important part of the associated betting markets. Naturally, it’s possible to bet on the straight moneyline result but many bettors feel that the true value lies in the props. Total Points, Highest Scoring Period, Winning Margin and more are all available on our basketball book. Live betting is active too and, in a fast moving game such as basketball, in-play markets are perfectly suited to the sport.

              Accessing the live streaming service at Unibet TV is easy and there are some very simple requirements to fulfill. Firstly, and most importantly, you must be a Unibet customer so log in to your existing account or complete a quick registration. That account must carry funds or, at the very least, you must have placed a cash bet within the previous 24 hours. Follow those simple rules and is all yours.

              Watch on Desktop or Mobile Device

              The choice of viewing options is all down to personal preference but it’s important to note what is available. Essentially, as long as you are able to locate a WiFi connection, you can log on to Unibet TV and enjoy as much live NBA basketball as you can handle.

              For the best in flexibility, it’s logical to watch via a smartphone or other mobile device. Having a phone to hand is also useful for those who are looking to bet in those fast-moving in play markets. Mobiles can, of course, be used in the home setting but this is where viewers may prefer to reach for the laptop or sit in front of their PC. The bigger screen can enhance the high quality sound and graphics but the choice is entirely yours.

              The NBA Greats

              The NBA was originally formed in 1946 and at the time it was known as the Basketball Association of America. In its present format, 30 teams are involved - 29 from the USA plus the Toronto Raptors from Canada. The Raptors aren’t just there to make up the numbers as this team from north of the border went into the 2019/20 campaign as the defending champions.

              Success in 2019 gave the Raptors their first NBA title but, to find the most successful team in the history of the competition, we need to cross back to the USA. The Boston Celtics won their first NBA Championship in 1957 and when they won again in 2008, they extended their record to 17 titles.

              For good measure, the Celtics have won 21 Conference championships and, while it’s been a while since their last big win, the pride of Boston are always in contention in the outright NBA betting markets.

              As this is the biggest basketball league in the world, the greatest players are employed here. Over the years, legends of the game have graced the NBA and they have given us some incredible moments. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain and the much-missed Kobe Bryant are among the many stars to have lit up the association.

              In the present day, players such as Kahwi Leonard, Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo have inherited the mantle from the NBA greats. They are pivotal to their team’s success and, over such a long and gruelling competition, it’s the best players that make the difference.

              By accessing Unibet TV, you can watch those players as their NBA season develops. You don’t even have to place a bet to catch up on the action but there is a huge basketball sportsbook on hand for those who want to stake in one of the most active sections of our betting platform.